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Sunday Service 9:30 a.m.

Fellowship Time 10:30 a.m.

Sunday School 11:00 a.m.

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Lenten Devotionals

1st 4 Days

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Week 3

DateStart TimeEnd TimeEvent TitleDescription
March 308:30:0009:30:00Bible Study On Line
March 408:30:0009:30:00Coffee with the Pastor On Line
March 709:30:0010:30:00Church Service On Line
March 710:30:0011:00:00Fellowship Time On Line
March 711:00:0012:00:00Sunday School On Line
March 1008:30:0009:30:00Bible Study On Line
March 1108:30:0009:30:00Coffee with the Pastor On Line
March 14  Daylight Savings Begins Spring Forward!
March 1409:30:0010:30:00Church Service On Line
March 1410:30:0011:00:00Fellowship Time On Line
March 1411:00:0012:00:00Sunday School On Line
March 1708:30:0009:30:00Bible Study On Line
March 1808:30:0009:30:00Coffee with the Pastor On Line
March 2109:30:0010:30:00Church Service On Line
March 2110:30:0011:00:00Fellowship Time On Line
March 2111:00:0012:00:00Sunday School On Line
March 2408:30:0009:30:00Bible Study On Line
March 2508:30:0009:30:00Coffee with the Pastor On Line
March 2809:30:0010:30:00Church Service On Line
March 2810:30:0011:00:00Fellowship Time On Line
March 2811:00:0012:00:00Sunday School On Line
March 3108:30:0009:30:00Bible Study On Line